Traffic Attorney in Raleigh

Traffic Attorney in Raleigh

If you got a traffic ticket or DWI in Raleigh, Wake Forest, Garner, Apex, and Cary or anywhere in Wake County you should contact The Gurney Law Firm at (919) 930-4027.  Traffic offenses are the most common charge given by police… But they have serious consequences if they are not handled properly.

A simple wake county speeding ticket can seriously raise your car insurance rate.  A DWI is even worse.  It is important to work with a traffic attorney in Raleigh.  Being found guilty on a traffic offense can cause your insurance to go up between 25% and 400%.

If you have been charged with a traffic offense in WakeCounty I urge you to contact The Gurney Law Firm at (919) 930-4027.  Mr. Gurney is a traffic attorney in Raleigh and is available to talk to you about your case.


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