Speeding Ticket Quotas in North Carolina… G.S. 20-187.3?

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Speeding Ticket Quotas in North Carolina… G.S. 20-187.3?


After receiving a speeding ticket in Raleigh, a woman wondered to herself, “Why didn’t the officer just cut her a break and give her a warning?  Why did the officer feel he needed to give her a speeding ticket?  Do police officers in Wake County have a certain quota of tickets they have to give out each month? ”

A recent posting on the UNC School of government took a look at the legality of quotas of this kind and concluded that “the use of quotas for officers doesn’t seem to be widespread.”  Also, a poll conducted by the National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS) showed that police seem not to use speeding ticket quotas.

In some states they have specific statutes that outlaw the use of traffic ticket quotas and other quotas for criminal charges.  North Carolina does not have a general anti-quota statute.  However, there is a North Carolina General Statute that does specifically prohibit the North Carolina State Highway Patrol
for using speeding ticket quotas.  It can be found at G.S. 20-187.3 and it provides that “[t]he Secretary of Crime Control and Public Safety shall not make or permit to be made any order, rule, or regulation requiring the issuance of any minimum number of traffic citations, or ticket quotas, by any member or members of the State Highway Patrol. Pay and promotions of members of the Highway Patrol shall be based on their overall job performance and not on the basis of the volume of citations issued or arrests made.”

After talking to police offers in Raleigh and Wake County I feel that the general use of quotas are not being used.

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