Criminal Lawyer for North Carolina State University Students

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Criminal Lawyer for North Carolina State University Students

It is sadly common for college age kids to be charged with criminal offense during their time at school.  The Gurney Law Firm offers criminal representation to students from all the universities in the Triangle and eastern North Carolina.  That includes students from NC State, Duke, UNC, Peace College, Meredith, Wake Tech, ECU and every university in between.

The most common charges students pick up are alcohol and drug related misdemeanors.  That includes DWI, underage drinking, simple possession of marijuana and the use of false or fake ID.  Also, alcohol / Bar related fights can bring charges of Assault, Simple Affray, and Injury to Personal Property.   Less often students will be charged with serious felony charges.  These are usually felony drug charges.

If you are a student and have been charged with a criminal offense I urge you to contact a criminal lawyer in Raleigh.  The Gurney Law Firm handles all types of Misdemeanor and Felonies in Raleigh, Wake County and the Triangle.   We also help in getting your NC criminal record expunged.  This is very important for young people and students because a criminal record may negatively affect your future employment and graduate school.

50% of Americans Now Favor Legalizing Marijuana

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50% of Americans Now Favor Legalizing Marijuana

Should Marijuana be made legal, or not?

Support for the legalization of Marijuana has reached an all time high.  According to a poll, recently published, more Americans are now in support of legalizing the drug than those opposed.   The poll shows that a record high of 50% of Americans are in favor of the legalization of marijuana.   That is up from 46% last year.

When Americans were first polled in 1969, a mere 12% were in favor of legalization.  That support rose to over 30% in 2000 and 40%
in 2009.  This October, the same poll has shown that a record high 50% of Americans favor legalizing Marijuana.

With growing support for the legalization of marijuana, pressure may build to bring laws in compliance with the people’s wishes and many states have done just that.  To date, 16 states and the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana for medical use and many states have passed laws which decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana.

But it is still a crime in North Carolina to possess, smoke, buy or sell marijuana.  It is also illegal to possess drug paraphernalia
such as bongs, smoking pipes or rolling papers that are used for marijuana.

If you have been charged with a drug offense I urge you to call The Gurney Law Firm.  Mr. Gurney is a criminal defense attorney in Raleigh and handles all types of drug offenses.  Mr. Gurney is a former Wake County Magistrate and has handled thousands of criminal cases.  This includes drug related arrests, search warrants and bond hearings in Wake County, North Carolina.

Talk to a Raleigh criminal defense lawyer now at (919) 930-4027.